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FOUND!!!! Seattle Area: We Need Your Help!

TINY DANCER HAS BEEN FOUND AND IS SAFE AT HOME! We need your help, Seattle! This is Tiny Dancer. She is missing from a foster home for Whisker City, a cat rescue in the Seattle area.  She went missing last Friday from an enclosed back yard. We’ll save the lectures about why cats, especially those … Continue reading

Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could

Are you a follower of Haiku By Ku? Kuruk is an Alaskan Malamute like me. He writes haiku! And, also like me, he lives with kitties! Ku was rescued in 2011 as a part of a puppy mill bust in Alaska, and he traveled 3000 miles to be with his mama. He and his mama wrote … Continue reading

Suffering From Trauma Exposure Through Social Media?

We all have that friend that’s constantly posting things we’d rather not see. The graphic photos of animal cruelty. The pleas to sign yet another petition to stop this or that atrocious act. Or the cross-posting of companion animals needing a home. Except they couldn’t just post a cute photo of a sweet dog or … Continue reading

Helping Others Means I First Take Care of Myself

I just came off a week of being on call. During that week I remained in a state of anxiety. I carried my work cell around as if my life depended on it, and I checked it regularly to make sure the battery was charged and that I hadn’t missed any calls. But Friday at 8 … Continue reading

Puppy Mill Imports? Yep, They’re STILL Coming!

In 2008, Congress passed a law that prevented puppies ages 6 months and younger from being imported into the US. Why? Because there was no oversight of the way the puppies were bred or raised. Many were sick. They were inbred, meaning the likelihood of genetic abnormality was strong. Besides, why in the world would … Continue reading

Yet Another “Rescuer” Busted for Hoarding/ Animal Cruelty

She is what authorities call a “serial animal rescuer.” She is Gisela Tacao, and she ran Gigi’s Rescue in the Miami area. Tacao would get animals from other rescue groups that pulled the animals from animal control in Miami. But Tacao didn’t adopt those animals out. No, she kept them in deplorable conditions in a warehouse in Hialeah. In … Continue reading

Rescue? Oh, It Means What I Want it to.

Yesterday I asked you what you thought it means to “rescue” an animal. Your responses were all across the board. Some tweeted to me that caring for a new pet is rescue. Others think that adopting from a shelter that could kill the animal is a rescue. And yes, some of you believe you rescue … Continue reading

What Does it Mean to “Rescue” an Animal?

What does it mean to “rescue” an animal? I’ve pondered this question for quite a while. Merriam Webster defines “rescue” as to save (someone or something) from danger or harm. Pretty vague, huh? So if I buy a dog from a puppy mill breeder, am I rescuing it? After all, I might have freed the … Continue reading

Animal Hoarding at a Northwest Florida High School?

Welcome to Choice High School and Technical Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, part of the Okaloosa County School District. Their motto? Envision your future. The school is accredited by the Commission of the Council of Occupational Education. And one of the ways you can envision your future in the animal welfare arena at Choice is … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

Oh Dog! Happy Sunday! I hope you remembered to SPRING! forward, if it’s time for you to do so. Jen says the best thing about springing forward is that it takes the cats a week to figure out they’re not waking her up early! *snicker* We heard several pieces of good news this week. And … Continue reading

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Rumpy Dog

Rumpy Dog

All About Me!

Hi! My name is Rumpy, and I am an Alaskan Malamute. I used to live in Middle Tennessee, but now my family and I reside in southeast Alabama. I have this cool blog that I started in 2011. Here at rumpydog.com we talk about all things animal, with a focus on animal welfare and responsible animal companion guardianship. But we also like to throw in a heaping helping of cute! cute! cute! I mean, how could you look at me and not melt, right?

My story? Well, I was found on the side of a busy street. Jenny thought she would help me find my home, but nobody claimed me. So now I live with her. She's a pretty good ole' gal, but she is mighty stingy with the dog cookies. *sigh*

There are also some cats- they each have their own story. June Buggie is their chief spokesperson. He is 16 years old, crotchety, and not afraid to say what's on his mind.

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