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An #Animal By Any Other Name…..

I have found that the longer I write this blog, the more I tend to focus on one particular species of animal- humans.   If you stop looking at us as unique and see humans as just another kind of animal, it gives an entirely different view of the world. We are an invasive species that has … Continue reading

Chicks and Ducks and Rabbits? Must Be Easter!

It wasn’t so long ago that this time of year brought hundreds of baby rabbits, chicks and ducks on the market, some of which had been dyed like Easter eggs, to be sold to those who would gift children for Easter.   While the practice is nowhere near as large as it used to be, … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

Oh Dog! We’re FINALLY back with some good news to share!   Meow everybody! This week we’re headed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for some good news. They have ruled that police in Massachusetts can enter a home without a warrant if animals are in distress. It seems in January of 2011 police received … Continue reading

Dog Fighting in the News! #NDFAD

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day! The ASPCA is asking us all to talk up the issue to make everyone aware of the cruelty of dog fighting and help find solutions that will end this barbaric practice. Yesterday I shared with you some facts about dog fighting. Today, here are three dogfighting-related stories in this … Continue reading

What Do You REALLY Know About Dog Fighting?

April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. Designated by the ASPCA, the day is designed to educate us about what dog fighting is and how we can stop it. Here are some interesting facts about dog fighting: Dog fighting became popular in the US in the late 1800′s. Many police officers and firefighters were … Continue reading

Buffalo Foretell Volcanic Eruption at Yellowstone?

I tell ya, some people will believe anything! On March 20th, some yahoo posted a video on YouTube claiming it captured buffalo in Yellowstone Park “running for their lives!” Ten days later that 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit, and now the video has gone viral and all sorts of people now think there’s going to be a supervolcano … Continue reading

A Sense of Entitlement

Recently I read a blog post about lunch thieves written by Yuki Noguchi and posted on the NPR website. She asked manners consultant Jeanne Hamilton why people steal their co-workers’ lunches. The answer? Because of a sense of entitlement. A sense of entitlement. It’s the excuse we use for all sorts of bad behavior. It’s … Continue reading

Story Time: The Hog Farmers and the Californians

Once upon a time there was a place called California. It wasn’t a perfect place, to be sure, but the people there were striving to continually do better. One day, the people of California passed a law saying they would only sell eggs that came from chickens living in more humane conditions. The people were … Continue reading

What To Do About All Those Cats?

For years the war has raged on. On one side, those who love cats, and want to help those who are homeless have a better quality of life.   On the other side is a coalition of wildlife enthusiasts and animal abolitionists. And what are they fighting about? What to do about the estimated 50 … Continue reading

Ag-Gag: It’s All About Fooling You

A recent survey conducted by Texas A&M University asked consumers how important animal welfare was to them when buying meat. A total of 69% of recipients said that animal welfare is at least somewhat important, 22% said it was very important and 11% said it was extremely important.   Consumers respond when groups such as … Continue reading

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Rumpy Dog

Rumpy Dog

All About Me!

Hi! My name is Rumpy, and I am an Alaskan Malamute. I used to live in Middle Tennessee, but now my family and I reside in southeast Alabama. I have this cool blog that I started in 2011. Here at rumpydog.com we talk about all things animal, with a focus on animal welfare and responsible animal companion guardianship. But we also like to throw in a heaping helping of cute! cute! cute! I mean, how could you look at me and not melt, right?

My story? Well, I was found on the side of a busy street. Jenny thought she would help me find my home, but nobody claimed me. So now I live with her. She's a pretty good ole' gal, but she is mighty stingy with the dog cookies. *sigh*

There are also some cats- they each have their own story. June Buggie is their chief spokesperson. He is 16 years old, crotchety, and not afraid to say what's on his mind.

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