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Some Things Even Santa Can’t Fix

Oh Dog! It’s only FOUR more days until Christmas! I am SOOOOO excited! My friend Brin from Shackleford England is so excited too…. or he was. Read his letter to Santa, followed by a footnote. Dear Santa, My very dear friend and fellow Boxer, Themba, died a few months ago. Before that, he was quite … Continue reading

Introducing Bella and Beary!

OH Dog! Am I ever so excited! I have two special guests who came all the way from Australia to be here today! They also live with one of my biggest fans! I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what they have to say, so without further ado, I introduce … Continue reading

Dear DeDe on Adopting a Less-Adoptable Pet

Oh Dog!  Dear DeDe here to give you some info on adopting an animal with special needs.  This is Lucky Dog. Lucky was a black lab- chow mix.  When he was a pup he stepped in a steel trap.  He chewed his leg off to get out.  He ended up at the University of Tennessee … Continue reading

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Oh Dog!  I almost forgot what day it was!  But today is the day to promote black kitties so people will quit being superstitious and adopt them sweet kitties. Personally, I LOVE black kitties.  I have my own kitty ya know.  Her name is Little Girl and she is a black kitty.  She was born … Continue reading

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