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What is Ag-Gag and Why Should You Care

Do you ever stop and think where that meat you’re eating comes from? Or do you assume that the animals that give their all to supply you with bacon, chicken and beef live an idyllic life on grandpa’s farm until the time comes? If certain elements of the agriculture industry have their way, your fantasies … Continue reading

Take the Pledge and Win!

Oh Dog! I’m so excited! It’s the Holiday Season, and shoppers near and far are searching for that perfect gift that will make the faces of their loved ones light up! That includes us animals! According to newly released poll, Americans plan to spend more than $2.5 billion on pets over the holidays this year. Unfortunately, 59% of … Continue reading

A Visit with Gweenie

Oh Dog!  What an interesting guest I have for you today!  Gweenie is a distinguished older lady with a story to tell, so lets let her tell it.  Dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome Gweenie Kuss! Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guest today Gweenie!  Tell us a little … Continue reading

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