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Wordless Wednesday

Bedtime Update

After yesterday’s post, I noticed several of you asked why I didn’t grab a pillow for myself.

I decided to take your advice.

Move over kitty!


This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us June Buggie.


About Rumpy's Kitty Siblings

Rumpy has gone on from this plane. We, his kitty siblings,continue to blog about animal welfare- and other things- at rumpydog.com in his stead. You can follow us on Twitter - @RumpyDog. And don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page! Thanks!


36 thoughts on “Bedtime Update

  1. Now isn’t that better? πŸ™‚

    Posted by Tina Holmes | September 13, 2012, 6:16 AM
  2. You look very comfy πŸ™‚

    Posted by themisadventuresofmisaki | September 13, 2012, 6:17 AM
  3. COZY ………………

    Posted by Cat Forsley | September 13, 2012, 6:19 AM
  4. You look quite comfortable, Rumpy! xo Berner Girls

    Posted by Moxie Dogs | September 13, 2012, 6:20 AM
  5. Rumpy, you look sooo adorable!!!! πŸ™‚
    Where Jen sleeps on by the way? Woof?

    Posted by eripanwkevin | September 13, 2012, 6:22 AM
  6. πŸ™‚ Poor kitty… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Posted by carolynpageabc | September 13, 2012, 6:28 AM
  7. you look SO comfy!

    Posted by Dianna | September 13, 2012, 6:33 AM
  8. Cracking up. Shows how many ways there are to interpret things. I want to learn from Rumpy: Take your space, my boy! We all know how resourceful and brilliant kitties are. They can cope. We can’t. Go for it.

    Posted by nadbugs | September 13, 2012, 6:47 AM
  9. haha, like Yosemite Sam in Bugs Bunny:”This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

    Posted by easyweimaraner | September 13, 2012, 6:50 AM
  10. “A pillow” Rumpy, not “all the pillows” πŸ™‚

    Posted by Long Life Cats and Dogs | September 13, 2012, 6:55 AM
  11. Yep, that’s more like it!!!

    Posted by marina kanavaki | September 13, 2012, 7:16 AM
  12. That’z ma boy…bol xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

    Posted by mollieandalfie | September 13, 2012, 7:17 AM
  13. Ahhhh, nap time! πŸ™‚

    Posted by Nikitaland | September 13, 2012, 7:19 AM
  14. Snuggle down, Rumpy! xox

    Posted by CATachresis | September 13, 2012, 7:49 AM
  15. That’s the Way to do it!

    Posted by willowdot21 | September 13, 2012, 8:08 AM
  16. Aww made my day!

    Posted by jlee5879 | September 13, 2012, 8:56 AM
  17. Dog on the pillow… That’s more like it!

    Love and licks,

    Posted by Genevieve Petrillo | September 13, 2012, 8:56 AM
  18. You look much more comfortable. I do hope June Buggie is not plotting revenge!

    Posted by Clowie | September 13, 2012, 10:09 AM
  19. That is soooo cue.

    Posted by Sankissjuice | September 13, 2012, 10:14 AM
  20. Our fur people own the living room. While they allow us to use it in the evening for watching television, by 11pm they are getting irritable. We are sitting on their beds. Eventually, they make it so obvious that they want us to leave, we get up and go to bed. We live to serve.

    Posted by Teepee12 | September 13, 2012, 12:32 PM
  21. You look alot more comfy now…;-)
    Woof Woof, from Penny

    Posted by To Shea | September 13, 2012, 12:59 PM
  22. hehehe cuteness πŸ˜€

    Posted by Tya Khan | September 13, 2012, 2:25 PM
  23. Molly is pointing at your picture…she thinks it’s an instructional video.
    Fur people know: first come, first grab of the pillow!

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | September 13, 2012, 3:55 PM
  24. Rumpy 1, June Buggie 0, but I’m sure it’s only a battle win, not the war but nice move Rumpy, very fine πŸ™‚

    Posted by EllaDee | September 13, 2012, 4:17 PM
  25. Ah! Now … that’s the life. But I bet June Buggie is plotting a return to the pillows.

    Posted by earthriderjudyberman | September 13, 2012, 6:14 PM
  26. Awwww Rumpy!! You look so comfortable…and so blissfully free of guilt too!!

    Posted by europasicewolf | September 13, 2012, 6:32 PM
  27. I am a Princess, I should sleep on the bed with a pillow not outside the door on my dog bed. How can I move inside and up onto the bed? Scheming is required.

    Posted by Zena | September 13, 2012, 7:00 PM
  28. Aaaawww I just want to hop in for a cuddle

    urban hounds

    Posted by Urban Hounds | September 13, 2012, 7:08 PM
  29. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    The Florida Furkids

    Posted by The Florida Furkids | September 13, 2012, 9:43 PM
  30. Now you’re talking!

    Posted by Lynda | September 13, 2012, 11:00 PM
  31. Sometimes, when I wake up, my kitty is wrapped around my head. Watch out for that move Rumpy.

    Posted by Boomdeeadda | September 13, 2012, 11:05 PM
  32. a lovely photo – you do look snug as a bug in a rug

    Posted by Jill Spain (@JillSpain) | September 14, 2012, 5:36 AM
  33. Rumpy, the Bed is Yours!

    Posted by catfromhell | September 14, 2012, 10:39 PM


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