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John Doppler Schiff: Warning Signs of a Hoarder

Yesterday I shared with you a conversation with John Doppler Schiff about the Caboodle Ranch and the backlash when this massive hoarder was shut down.  Today we’ll end with some recommendations for making sure you are not enabling a hoarder. But first, I had to know, do people still send Craig Grant money? Schiff:  Yes, … Continue reading

We’re On the Air!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! As I told you, Jen was interviewed for the Paws to Talk podcast, and that podcast is now LIVE! You  can download the podcast at the Paws to Talk website or on iTunes. If you ever wondered what the stingy cookie woman is really like, here’s your chance to … Continue reading

Today We’re Listening to Our Elders

Today is Black Friday, the unofficial day of mass shopping hysteria to encourage you to buy stuff. For those of you not swept up in the consumerism that is this day, today is also the National Day of Listening. It’s a day for you to sit down and actually listen to the stories of your family … Continue reading

Kristen Levine: Pet Marketing Professional!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today I am talking with Kristen Levine. Ms. Levine is a Pet Lifestyle Expert. Her company, Fetching Communications, works with companies to provide positive PR for companies providing pet-related products and services. One campaign you all know is with the Bissell Company. Ms. Levine graciously agreed to answer a … Continue reading

Introducing the Steelton Cats!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today we’re profiling yet another TNR program that’s working to save the lives of kitties in Steelton, Pennsylvania! Rumpy: Thanks so much for being my guest today. Tell us about your TNR program. Steelton Cats: We provide municipalities with full-service geographically-targeted no-kill cat population control services using “Saving Money. Saving Lives. … Continue reading

The Purrime Ministerettes of Purtth!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today my guests are fellow bloggers and two very important people in the blosphere. Please help me welcome the Purrime Ministerettes of planet Purtth- Shiva and Jaya! Shiva and Jaya: This is your Excellential Honorable Purrime Ministerettes. Rumpy: Welcome ladies! Shiva and Jaya: Ohai Rumpy! And salute! We thank … Continue reading

Introducing Mr. Bear!

Oh Dog! I am so very excited! Today I have a special guest. Mr. Bear is one of my bestest Twitter friends. He is quite the Bear About Town, and you’re going to love his story. So please put your paws together and help me welcome my first ever bear guest! Rumpy: Thanks for being … Continue reading

Introducing Ellie and Edmond!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today I have two wonderful guests- a horse and an elephant! They are fellow bloggers at The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond. Once you get to know them you will absolutely love them! So please help me welcome Ellie and Edmond!  Rumpy: Thanks so much for being my guest … Continue reading

The ASPCA- Helping Animals in Many Ways!

Oh Dog! I’m back with Emily Schneider, Senior Manager for Media and Communications with the ASPCA. Yesterday we talked about how the ASPCA gets involved in helping during a natural disaster. Today we’ll get more in-depth with what that involves. But first, here’s a video of an actual Staten Island rescue! Rumpy: Emily, yesterday we talked about the … Continue reading

Saving Animals When Disaster Strikes!

We take it for granted these days that when disaster strikes, there will be trained animal rescue volunteers on the ground helping to rescue and care for the displaced animals. But what does it take to launch such a major effort? Today I’m talking with Emily Schneider, Senior Manager for Media and Communications with the … Continue reading

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