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Why is DeDe So Excited????

Happy Sunday everybody! DeDe here! We’re pretty excited around here. The Animal Cruelty Bill that Jen lobbied for passed the House unanimously on April 17th and passed the Senate unanimously April 28th. The bill now awaits Governor Scott’s signature. The bill states that a person who commits acts of animal cruelty is to be charged … Continue reading

June Buggie is Calling You to Action!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say. HISSSSSSS!!!!!! ¬†Yesterday the Tennessee state legislature voted yes on ag-gag. Don’t know what ag-gag is? Learn all about it here. The bill awaits the governor’s signature to be signed into law. What does that mean? Walking horse trainers, puppy mills, and animal agriculture … Continue reading

What is Ag-Gag and Why Should You Care

Do you ever stop and think where that meat you’re eating comes from? Or do you assume that the animals that give their all to supply you with bacon, chicken and beef live an idyllic life on grandpa’s farm until the time comes? If certain elements of the agriculture industry have their way, your fantasies … Continue reading

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