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The Importance of Using the Right Language

For those of us who want to help improve the plight of animals, we know that sometimes our language is used against us.  For example, when we write letters or sign petitions, we are poo-poo’ed off as “nutjobs” and violating the rights of others who are simply exercising their legal right to….. well, to abuse … Continue reading

Hisses and Purrs!

Time for this week’s edition of Hisses and Purrs, starring none other than Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie! Let’s get started with you Hissy. Who has got you riled up this time? Hisses to the owner of a leopard who either escaped or was set free in the area around Charlestown, Indiana. Area residents … Continue reading

June Buggie Says End the Violence!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say. You can watch a video of today’s Rant, thanks to Cat Forsley! . . Animal cruelty is a problem in our society. Domestic violence is a problem in our society. But did you know the two often go hand-in-hand? Indeed, 68% of battered women … Continue reading

June Buggie Rants about “The Grey”

Meow! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say. So there’s this movie out in theaters now called “The Grey.”  Yeah, yeah, another movie that demonizes wolves.  You humans can’t seem to get enough of that crap. Thanks to Jaws, you’re afraid of sharks. You’re afraid of bears, tigers, and other large animals (you … Continue reading

Victim No More- A Story of Hope

Today I want to bring to light one of the darker aspects of animal ownership- animal abuse. Some of us dogs and cats are spoiled rotten and it’s easy to assume that all cats and dogs live that way. Today’s guest was the victim of abuse that resulted in his becoming disabled. But Indigo was … Continue reading

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