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New Beginnings

The new beginnings I’ve worked for haven’t exactly panned out the way I’d hoped. Continue reading

So Ya Wanna Be a Shelter Volunteer? Read on!

Oh Dog! I know that some of you are making resolutions for the New Year, and maybe one of those resolutions is to volunteer in a shelter. ¬†That’s FANTASTIC! But maybe you’re apprehensive and have questions. ¬†Well, read on then my friend, for today my guest is Michael, a volunteer at Tabby’s Place, a no-kill … Continue reading

Nominate A Shelter For the Santa Paws Drive!

Oh Dog! Today I want to get you thinking about the upcoming holidays! Now I know I have friends all around the world, so how or what you choose to celebrate may not all be the same, but I think it’s fair to say that, regardless of your cultural beliefs, this is a time to … Continue reading

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