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Animal Welfare- For It or Against It?

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say. Sometimes you humans make me wanna sharpen my claws on your sofa. Last week Rumpy went to the Petchat Twitter Party and what he said happened left me VERY displeased! It seems some of you are STILL adamantly opposed to national groups like … Continue reading

More Adventures in Lobbying!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here! I know it’s usually me here on Sunday, but Jen has more to say about her adventures in lobbying, so I’m giving up my day to her. I hope you read on and are inspired! One thing you may wonder is what people wear when they go lobby at the … Continue reading

Adventures in Lobbying!

Oh Dog! This week Jen went to the state Capitol to lobby for Humane Day.  She’s gonna tell us a little of what it was like! woo woo woo! Last Tuesday, I joined others in my state to lobby for animal legislation.  There were around 60 of us attending. Compare that to the hundreds that … Continue reading

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