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It’s the Pre-Holiday Email Bombardment- Coming to an Account Near You!

You should see my inbox lately!  I have all sorts of emails from people I never heard of before telling me about their product, how it’s so great, and will you please add it to your holiday gift recommendations this year? That’s how I know they don’t read my blog, because if they did, they’d … Continue reading

Puleeezzzzzeeeee Help Me!

As many of you may know, it’s once again time to accept nominations for the Dogtime Petties Awards.   In 2012, I was a finalist for Best Cause Blog. Last year I asked not to be nominated. Instead, we helped our fellow bloggers at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life win. This year, I’ve decided to throw my … Continue reading

Cookies From Around the World!

Oh Dog! Rumpy here! One of the best parts of being a world-famous blogger is in having friends from around the world! Why? Because I get to taste cookies from around the world! Recently I received a package from my friends Eripan, Angel Kevin, Shiro, Chibi, Tora and Hime.   And THEN yesterday Jen went to … Continue reading

Why Do I Bother Writing This Blog?

Sometimes I ask myself why I continue to write a blog dedicated to the welfare of animals. Aren’t there plenty of other groups and people doing the same that are at least getting paid to carry that message? Am I nothing more than a minnow swimming in the ocean? After all, if I were to … Continue reading

Serving up Spam on a Monday Morning!

Occasionally I have to rummage through the spam folder to make sure no legit comments have been sent there by mistake. This weekend, I took on that task. Most spam is meaningless sentences strung together. But some spam is good for a laugh, though I doubt that was the writer’s intention. I thought I’d share … Continue reading

Oh Dog! I am So Excited!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! I am the Furry Friend of the Week at I Iz Noodles the Cat! Go check me out and don’t forget to say hello! Oh, and you can find out how YOU can be Furry Friend of the Week too!

I Wanna Be Tupac. But I’m Not.

When I look to see what is my niche in the blogosphere, I first look at the myriad of animal-related blogs out there: product review blogs blogs that want to teach you stuff blogs that are all about being cute blogs that are all about the horrific things happening to animals blogs that have fantastic … Continue reading

Dona Nobis Pacem- Today I Am a Peace Blogger

Today is the Blog4Peace blogblast. I decided to share a lesson in peace that has meant much to me. I am a practitioner of A Course in Miracles. My favorite lesson is Lesson 34: I could see peace instead of this. This lesson asks me to consider each thought that causes me stress, anxiety, or … Continue reading

Wednesday Housekeeping

Happy Hump Day! After today, it’s downhill toward the weekend! Some of you told me that you haven’t been getting email notifications. Of course, that means you’re probably not reading this. But in case you are……. 1) check your spam folder. Sometimes email accounts like to play that little trick on you. I know Gmail is … Continue reading

RumpyDog Celebrates 800th Blog Post!

This is my 800th post! What an accomplishment! I have stuck with this blogging stuff long enough to publish 800 posts! So what amazing thing could I write about to celebrate the occasion? *scratches head* How about hurricane safety? Disaster preparedness? Nah……. that’s been done. How about winter preparedness for those of us in the … Continue reading

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