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Friday Memes- Featuring Rumpy!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s Friday! I am so happy! We are having a visitor this weekend- her name is Karen. We’re not sure how long she’ll visit, but we do know she’s bringing lots of rain with her. Ugh! Oh well. Lots can happen between now and then. Let’s have some fun with memes- starring Rumpy!!!!! … Continue reading

A Natural Solution for Flea and Tick Control

Oh Dog!  DeDe enjoyed her Dear DeDe segment so much!  But now the cats are plotting because they too want to blog.  I dunno what to do!  Pretty soon I won’t get to write ANY posts on MY blog!  I guess I better enjoy it while I can. So today I want to talk about … Continue reading

Our New Feature: Dear DeDe

Oh Dog! DeDe has been bugging me to let her help write my blog! I didn’t want her to but Jen says I should let her. So after Top Secret negotiations (that I’d rather not discuss here, but rest assured no blood was drawn) we agreed that DeDe could have a regular spot here with … Continue reading

The Fear of Dogs

Yesterday I read an article about a doctor that made a person with a guide dog leave his office because of his fear of dogs (http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2011/08/doctor-kicks-blind-man-and-his-service-dog-out-of-clinic/).  What that doctor did was wrong, and I think maybe illegal. Today I want to talk about the fear that led that doctor to make a bad choice.  Lots … Continue reading

Rescue Dogs are Not Rejects!

Oh Dog!  I have another guest blogger!  Today’s guest is Rainbow Diamond.  She is the Anti-puppymill Spokesdog for Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas.  You can find out more information about their rescue and rehabilitation efforts at http://www.ddrtx.org.  You can also find Rainbow on Facebook. There are a lot of misconceptions about dogs in rescue organizations. People … Continue reading

Rumpy’s Bad to the Bone!

Oh Dog! I am feeling so good today! My friends Georgie and Spunky Laidler recently made me this cool pic showing me on Letterman discussing my new blog. It is so awesome! Now I’m feeling on top of the world, so I wrote a song to let ya know how good I feel. Bad to … Continue reading

Calling All Angels!

One day I asked Hissy Fit Jones if he was an angel. That cat said he thought I’d been into the catnip- like catnip has an effect on a dog!  He said that he was a cat, NOT an angel, but he could act like one for cat treats. Then he asked me what brought … Continue reading

#Haiku Friday (on a Saturday)

Oh Dog! I am overwhelmed by all the words of comfort and prayers from my friends as we have mourned Sage’s departure for the Rainbow Bridge. To update: I was very upset the following day when I realized she wasn’t coming back, but I am doing much better. Jen stayed home with us and gave … Continue reading

The Magic of Myron Wood

While we remember our Sage, we thought you might enjoy revisiting this inspiring guest post by everyone’s friend Myron Wood. . . I have been on Facebook for almost 3 years. What an extraordinary time it’s been. It’s changed my life. It really began as a joke. I didn’t even know there were other dogs … Continue reading

A Better Phrase- by Tiggy Ritchie

While we are remembering our dear Sage, we thought you might like to revisit a wonderful guest post by my friend Tiggy Ritchie.  I found it a great comfort right now. . My Facebook friend Tiggy Ritchie, also known as @westcoastdogs1 on Twitter, has graciously agreed to be a guest blogger today.  He is an awesome … Continue reading

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