crime scene investigation

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I Have Been Falsely Accused!

On Saturday, March 9th, a terrible crime was committed at our home! Sometime between 8:30 AM, when Jen left out to commence her investigation, and 11:00 AM, when she returned….. well, you can see for yourself. Jen was understandably upet. So was I. How could this have happened without my knowing? Now, wait just a … Continue reading

Investigating Criminal Activity!

Oh Dog! Rumpy T. Drummond with late-breaking news! ¬†Investigators are on the scene of a most heinous crime! ¬†This morning when Jen awoke, we all wandered into the kitchen to find THIS: After we went outside to potty, Jen rounded up the usual suspects.       But so far, no confessions have been forthcoming. … Continue reading

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