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June Buggie Says…..


June Buggie Says……

Another Swipe of the Paw

This week’s poetry offering comes in the form of a song. But not just any song, mind you! This week it’s a parody of one of my all-time favorites bands- Pink Floyd! Do you recall this song? . Well here’s my take on it. I call it: . Another Swipe of the Paw . We … Continue reading

Wednesday Words in Pictures- Bubba the Odd Duck!

Bubba has always been sort of an odd duck. He likes to drink fresh water from the water bowl. When Jen puts the fresh water down, he’ll kick it out of the bowl onto the tray.   He likes to stand in the water.     And then he’ll lick it off his feet.   … Continue reading

The Scene of the Crime!

This is the city. It’s not a perfect place, but it’s where several cats and a big fluffy dog make their home with a human named Jen.   As I was patrolling my beat, I came across the scene of a crime so heinous, I almost horked up a hairball. I asked myself: Who had … Continue reading

Treat Time!

Oh Dog! Happy Thursday! Now that all the fooling has passed, I thought I’d share with you two short little videos of me doing what I do best! woo woo! . . . Have a great day everybody!

Serving up Spam on a Monday Morning!

Occasionally I have to rummage through the spam folder to make sure no legit comments have been sent there by mistake. This weekend, I took on that task. Most spam is meaningless sentences strung together. But some spam is good for a laugh, though I doubt that was the writer’s intention. I thought I’d share … Continue reading

Sir Malachi’s Letter to St. Nick

MEOWWWWW! Time for another letter to Santa. Today it is time for me, Sir Malachi, to share his holiday wishes. Dear St. Nicholas, I love the holiday season. I especially like playing the role of Santa’s helper, and making the season bright for all the ladies. *wink wink* I know you’re probably wondering what a … Continue reading

Your Dog is Gonna Love This….. But Not in the Way Imagined!

Oh Dog! Do we have some interesting gift ideas for you this week! Easy Rider introduced us to the Puppy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner designed by Hyun-Seok Kim. The “puppies” clean the floor while they run around and play. They return to “mama” to recharge and to empty the trash they’ve collected. Are you kidding me???? … Continue reading

Some Things Just Boggle the Mind!

So yesterday Jen is driving down the highway to do a home visit, and guess what she saw? A sign advertising puppies for sale. But these are not just ANY puppies! These are a breed of dog she hasn’t heard of before! So she decided to share with you another sign she sees every day … Continue reading

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