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Tacky Gift Ideas: Music for Dogs

So last week I told you about TV for dogs. But if dogs don’t watch TV, then music must be a major component, right? So maybe we can just skip the TV channel and buy a CD to play while we’re gone to work. Do they make music for dogs? Of COURSE they do! While … Continue reading

Tacky Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Cats

Ah, the last weekend before Christmas! Have all your shopping done? No? Well if it’s tacky, you’re looking for, I’ve got ya covered. This week, it’s all about the Crazy Cat Lady. The Crazy Cat Lady is the middle-aged woman who “can’t get a man,” so instead she lives alone with a herd of cats. … Continue reading

A Pet Gift Guide for Non-Pet People!

Oh Dog! Rumpy Dog here. While it’s hard for me to imagine anyone not liking moi, I know there are some of you out there that are just not animal lovers. Yet you respect your family and friends who are animal lovers, and are even considering showing you care by buying a holiday gift for … Continue reading

Your Dog is Gonna Love This….. But Not in the Way Imagined!

Oh Dog! Do we have some interesting gift ideas for you this week! Easy Rider introduced us to the Puppy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner designed by Hyun-Seok Kim. The “puppies” clean the floor while they run around and play. They return to “mama” to recharge and to empty the trash they’ve collected. Are you kidding me???? … Continue reading

About That Holiday Gift for Fido….

Unless you live in a media-free vacuum, you know that retailers have deemed the holiday shopping season is upon us.  So let’s talk for a moment about gifts for some very important ones in your life- your animal companions. The pet products industry is big business, especially for dogs. But before you get caught up … Continue reading

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