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Vegan. Halloween. A Good Match, Actually…

And with October’s arrival, so begins the season of eating.   Halloween is at the end of this month, though stores are already fully stocked with all your candy, costume and decoration needs. Vegans love candy too! And while it’s a poor nutritional choice, sometimes ya just gotta go there. After all, you’re going to be … Continue reading

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween Anyway?

Happy Halloween! Today is all about spooks and sweets and lots and lots of fun! Halloween originates from a Celtic holiday called Samhain, one of the four major holidays for the ancient Celtic culture. Samhain, celebrated November 1st, marked the start of their new year, and it was believed that those that had gone on could … Continue reading

Rumpy Wishes Companion Animals a Safe Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you humans enjoy the day, and I hope all of my animal friends stay safe. Remember, animals become stressed by a change in routine, and having strangers come to the door and beg for food is not a normal evening for many of you. At our house, the kitties will be … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Be careful, cuz there’s lots of scary things out there!  Like massive yard spiders! Some houses have been invaded! So watch out for spooky black cats and scary monsters!!!! Boo!  ROFL

Poetry Challenge- Halloween Edition!

Oh Dog!  It’s time for another Poetry Challenge!  Today’s topic- Halloween!!!! It’s Halloween And I’m feeling mean I’m dressed like a Wookiee So gimme a cookie!   So, do you have a Halloween poem to share with us?  I have this one: Ghosts and goblins fill the air make you afraid to go anywhere Bats, … Continue reading

June Buggie Rants about Halloween!

Meow! I am June Buggie, and I’ve got something to say. First of all, I don’t appreciate Hissy Fit Jones sneaking in and posting on MY day. Those darn young’uns have NO respect for their elders. But what I’m REALLY upset about is how cats are thought of as evil around Halloween, especially black cats. … Continue reading

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