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June Buggie’s Talkin’ Big Cats!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say. I get emails from a variety of organizations dedicated to helping animals. One that recently struck my eye was an email I received from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. Now let me just say that I believe sanctuaries, and for that matter, … Continue reading

June Buggie Revisited!

MEOW! June Buggie here.   In case you missed it, this is how the rants from Yours Truly got started. June Buggie Dishes the Dirt!

June Buggie’s Rundown of the Candidates

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say. So today is Presidents Day here in the US- a holiday set aside to recognize those who have served as our leader.  I thought that since this is an election year, today would be a good day to discuss the records of the candidates … Continue reading

June Buggie Talks Up World Spay Day!

Meow! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say! February 28th is World Spay Day. The day is designed to make people aware of the importance of spaying/neutering pets. Great, June Buggie, but why are you mentioning it NOW? Because participating clinics are providing low-cost spay/neuter services throughout the month. There’s also a … Continue reading

June Buggie Rants about “The Grey”

Meow! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say. So there’s this movie out in theaters now called “The Grey.”  Yeah, yeah, another movie that demonizes wolves.  You humans can’t seem to get enough of that crap. Thanks to Jaws, you’re afraid of sharks. You’re afraid of bears, tigers, and other large animals (you … Continue reading

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