Monday blues

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A Monday Limerick- Because Monday Sucks

. Another blah Monday ahead. I wish I could just stay in bed. But life is not fair, as you’re all well aware, So I’m off to the workplace¬†instead.       Advertisements

Monday- Spoiler of Fun Around the World!

Monday’s back, just like she threatened to be. That day is on a mission to rid the world of joy and relaxation…. and she’s winning! One day I’m gonna hit the big time, and Monday won’t be able to bother me no more. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to deal with her, right … Continue reading

Warm Thoughts on a Cold Monday

Oh Dog! Monday is back! I think the only way to get rid of that day is with a Restraining Order! My friends over at Twinketoe Tails have a regular feature they call Flashback Friday. Yesterday Jen was looking for a picture of a family member when instead she found a picture of June Buggie … Continue reading

I hate Monday- Time Change Edition!

Oh Dog! Not Monday again! We’re all discombobulated from the time change. Why do we have to change time anyway? Can’t you humans come up with a routine and stick to it? *big sigh* Thank Dog there is good news to share! First of all, congratulations to Bella and Beary at Bumpy Road to Bubba.¬†They … Continue reading

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