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I Still Hate Mondays

When I went from a Monday to Friday work schedule to a Saturday to Tuesday schedule, I thought that would take away Monday’s power to make my life miserable. I was so wrong. It made┬áMonday even MORE powerful. Now Monday has the power to reach out across the week and make Saturday- happy, wonderful Saturday- … Continue reading

Monday- Spoiler of Fun Around the World!

Monday’s back, just like she threatened to be. That day is on a mission to rid the world of joy and relaxation…. and she’s winning! One day I’m gonna hit the big time, and Monday won’t be able to bother me no more. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to deal with her, right … Continue reading

Monday Blues

Oh Dog! Monday is back, and she’s in a take-no-prisoners mood. *sigh* Congratulations to Marta, voted MVP (most valuable puppy) of the Puppy Bowl yesterday. I hope each puppy and kitten finds a wonderful forever home! And weren’t those Subaru commercials fun? A few of you have accepted my Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge. I thank … Continue reading

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