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Still More Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! I’m sure lots of adults around the world are very busy today, because this is the next-to-last weekend before Christmas! Lots of shopping, lots of baking, lots of making merry to get done! woo woo woo! Today we have two letters from some very cool big dogs! Let’s see what they’re asking Santa … Continue reading

Letters to Old St. Nick!

Oh Dog! Isn’t it amazing how Santa is loved in so many parts of the world! Today we have two more letters to the Jolly Old Elf! The first one comes from my kitty friends Ella and Leo from the UK: Deer Santa paws, we iz bee vewy guddy dis year. pweez may we haz … Continue reading

More Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! I don’t believe it! Jen told me last night that i am OFFICIALLY on the Naughty list! I guess two days of strewn garbage, counter-surfing and treat-stealing makes SOMEBODY mad! *rolls eyes* Anyway, today we have letters from my friend Atticus, his kitty Jersey, his uncle Koko and best friend Harley! Hi my … Continue reading

Bunk Writes Santa!!!

Oh Dog! It’s crunch time at the North Pole and Santa is working hard to send happy holiday dreams to good furry creatures all around the world! Today’s letter to Santa comes from a guy that’s on the questionable list.  Let’s see what Bunk the Pug from Bunkblog is asking for this year! Dear Santa … Continue reading

More Letters to SantaDog!

Oh Dog! Those letters to Santa just keep pouring in! It’s so exciting! Today we’re featuring a letter from three kitties who blog at My Three Moggies!  Let’s see what they’re asking Santa for! Dear Santa Dog, Well, what a purr-fect year 2012 has been for us three moggies. We’ve guarded the house, we’ve been … Continue reading

Some Advice from Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here with some advice for you dogs and cats out there! I just found out that Santa is hiring extra labor this year! Indeed! Jen came home with some yummy-smelling bags and such Friday, but instead of showing us what was inside, she put them up high in the closet and … Continue reading

Letters to Santa- Crunch Time Edition!

Oh Dog!  It’s time for one last edition of Letters to Santa! . . Now Santa, I know it’s almost time for take-off, but I think you MUST know about what June Buggie has done.  It’s just….. BAD!!!!! . . Anyway, here’s some letters from some GOOD dogs and cats.  The first is from the … Continue reading

A Visit With The Big Guy Himself!!!!!

Oh Dog!  I am so so SO EXCITED!!!  You are gonna PEE ON THE RUG when you see who my guest is today!  Are you ready????? Then dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome the Big Guy himself……. SANTA!!!! SANTA:  Ho! Ho! Ho! RUMPY:  Oh Dog!  I am so excited Santa! … Continue reading

Another Exciting Week of Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! It’s once again time for some letters to Santa!  And we’ve got three letters from good dogs for Santa for this week! Our first letter comes from Tiggie Ritchie from over at West Coast Dogs. Dear Santa, I have been an exceptionally good boy this year. I think there was a bit of … Continue reading

Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US.  So if you are a veteran, thank you for your service.  Jen is a big NPR fan, and we hear many stories about your bravery and your families’ sacrifices.  You’d be hard-pressed to find people out here in the civilian world that are as brave … Continue reading

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