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One of Those Days….

You ever have those days when you feel like nobody likes you? I do. In fact, I had one today. Today I was served a belly-full of passive-aggressiveness, out-right aggressiveness, along with a side of cold shoulders. On the drive home I prayed to the Universe, asking what in the hell I did to deserve … Continue reading

Baby Seals Murdered at Canadian Taxpayers’ Expense!

Once again it’s the time of year that baby seals are murdered by the thousands by Newfoundland fisherman so rich people can buy seal skin clothing. How can this kind of thing still happen? In a word- government subsidies. This infographic from Humane Society International tells you more. Please keep shouting to Canada to stop the madness. And … Continue reading

DeDe: What Matters is How You See Yourself

Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip to make you look and feel your best. I’m your Personal Beauty Consultant! This week’s tip: It’s what you think about yourself that counts! Humans spend so much time wondering what others think of them! Don’t you know those others don’t have time to think of you, … Continue reading

DeDe: Tough Times Build Character- An Attractive Quality!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip to make you look and feel your best! I’m your Personal Beauty Consultant! This week’s tip: Take the bad with the good! Stuff happens in life that we don’t like. Jobs are lost. Relationships end. Disasters happen. Let’s face it- it’s never a pleasant experience. And yet … Continue reading

1 Foot in Yesterday, 1 Foot in Tomorrow, and Ya Piss on Today!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip to make you look and feel your best! I have a confession to make: I am having a hard time with Jen. Seems she’s all worried about what’s going to happen to me. Silly human! If she spends all her time worrying about tomorrow, she’s going to … Continue reading

DeDe is Living for the Moment!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip to make you look and feel your best! But first, an update on me. A biopsy of the tumor was taken Friday afternoon, and now we’re waiting for the results. If it is a sarcoma, we’re going to aspirate the other tumors and see if they’re also … Continue reading

DeDe: Enjoy the Moment!

Oh Dog! DeDe here, your very own Personal Beauty Consultant. My job is to make you look and feel your best! The holiday season is upon us, and along with the joy of the season comes, for some of us, a great amount of stress. There’s the gifts to buy, the parties to attend, and … Continue reading

DeDe’s Special Holiday Wish!

Oh Dog! DeDe here! As you know, each year we publish our letters to Santa, and this year I get to be first! YAY! Dear Santa: My name is DeDe and I am a good dog! I know you remember me, right Santa? I am so excited that Christmas is almost here! It’s my favorite … Continue reading

DeDe: Gratitude is a Good Look on You!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with advice designed to make you look and feel your best! This week’s beauty tip: Foster a spirit of gratitude every day! This season encourages us to nurture an Attitude of Gratitude. Some take it further and focus on what they’re grateful the entire month. And isn’t it a great feeling when … Continue reading

DeDe: Don’t Forget to Feed Your Spirit!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for more beauty tips from me- DeDe! I’m here to help you look and feel your best. This week’s tip: Have some fun! When’s the last time you did something for the sheer pleasure of it? I’m guessing that for some of you, it’s been awhile. … Continue reading

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