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Another Swipe of the Paw

This week’s poetry offering comes in the form of a song. But not just any song, mind you! This week it’s a parody of one of my all-time favorites bands- Pink Floyd! Do you recall this song? . Well here’s my take on it. I call it: . Another Swipe of the Paw . We … Continue reading

Scents and Sensibility

Today I wrote a poem about dogs and our noses. WHAT? Why would you write a poem about THAT? Because our sense of smell is SO COOL! Did you know scientists have proven the sense of smell for dogs is AT LEAST ten thousand times more acute than it is for humans? And it may … Continue reading

A Poem by the Cats

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say. Us cats have gone out of our way to be accommodating to that big, overgrown wad of fur that you all think is so cute…. *gag*. But now he’s going entirely too far! You see, when Malachi had his annual check-up, the vet said … Continue reading

A Poem for Spring!

Today is the first Friday of Spring. Yay! In celebration, I’ve written a poem. Enjoy! Today’s the first Friday of Spring. Ostara, fertility brings! So please “fix” Spot and Mittens, lest they have pups or kittens. Play it cool: spay and neuter’s the thing!

Poem: When the Dog is Unwell

As you know, i went to the vet Monday to have my teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled. What you may not know is they were unable to do either one. Seems my liver enzymes were through the roof, and the vet was hesitant to anesthetize me. So I’m on meds to try to lower … Continue reading

Poem: Lamentations of the Dog

Oh Dog! Happy Thursday! Thursdays are usually the toughest day of the week for us. Jen is tired, but still has two more days of work to face, and I’m tired of having to deal with a grumpy Jen. So I thought I’d try to do something I really like for Thursday blog posts, namely … Continue reading

Dog Poetry Day!

Welcome to Monday! I guess some of you are kinda let down after that game last night. I mean, even if ya rooted for Seattle, you’d have liked to have seen a competition, right? To ease you into your Monday routine, I’m going to share with you some original Rumpy poems. First, a dog haiku: … Continue reading

Limericks to Santa!

Oh Dog! The holiday spirit has filled us here at Rumpydog, and we decided last night to write Santa some limericks to share with you today. . There was an old cat we called Bubba Who wanted to learn to play tuba, so he wrote a short letter to that old Santa feller, Now when … Continue reading

A Holiday Poem by Rumpy T. Drummond

Oh Dog! It’s Friday! I am so glad! Today in honor of the season, I will share this poem. The Holidays —by your companion animal Weekends were fun, ’til the holidays came. Now ‘tis the season,’ and nothing’s the same. They’re up early shopping, they’re gone in a rush. There’s decorations everywhere, but “No! No! … Continue reading

Dog Poems for Friday Fun!

Oh Dog! It’s finally Friday! I am so excited! Today I want to share you some of my haiku with you. There’s more than one poetry-writing dog in town! *giggles*   What can ruin my nap? Cat taking a stinky crap Near by. Ugh! *holds nose* . Lying at Jen’s feet patiently waiting for her … Continue reading

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