Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday: Photo Update

Here’s some recent pics of the gang I thought I’d share. Enjoy!   Advertisements


Peek-a-Boo! We See You!

Here are some pics of the gang.      


Wordless Wednesday- Happy July 4th!

Happy Fourth of July to all my USA friends! woo woo woo!!! Advertisements


Scenes From Our Garden, Otherwise Known as the Back Yard



Wordless Wednesday- Signs of Spring

Today I thought I’d share some signs of spring seen in my backyard this past weekend. Advertisements


Wordless Wednesday- Always Helpful

I am helpful! Advertisements


Wordless Wednesday- Me and My Gal!

Some Things Just Boggle the Mind!

So yesterday Jen is driving down the highway to do a home visit, and guess what she saw? A sign advertising puppies for sale. But these are not just ANY puppies! These are a breed of dog she hasn’t heard of before! So she decided to share with you another sign she sees every day … Continue reading


Rumpology: I See a Crack in Your Future!

Rumpology: Telling your future by reading your butt. Oh yes, there are humans who claim they can actually do that! Are you a Rumpologist? Want to hone your butt-reading skills? Then this series of photos is just for you! Want your future told by a Rumpologist? Send a photo of your butt along with the … Continue reading


Cats in Birthday Hats



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